Developed in the early 2000s by the Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC), the programming standard PackML (Packaging Machine Language) is a reference in the automation of the packaging industry and applies more and more to other areas of production.

Its benefits are numerous and can lead to significant savings.

  • Standardization of data
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced costs of integration and maintenance of machines
  • Reduction of costs related to staff training

How it works?

Concretely, the PackML standard aims to give an optimal control of the production chain by allowing a better communication between the machines of a same production line (horizontal integration), but also with the central control systems (vertical integration).

In other words, this means that the machines can both communicate with each other to react to a situation (example: Power outage) or provide accurate data to the operators for analysis and control purposes. This results in an increased efficiency of the production chain.

To achieve this, the PackML standard is based on a state transmission diagram (see photo accompanying this text). The uniformity in the design provides landmarks that facilitate the work of the operator. It’s also a standard that is increasingly used and demanded in the packaging industry.

For local companies

Although this standard was first developed by international companies, including Nestlé and Bosch, it’s just as relevant for companies with smaller productions and is an indispensable tool for their performance.

Savings related to maintenance and training of staff are non-negligible. The method also allows the expansion of a production line or the replacement of a machine at the end of life by simplifying the integration of new devices.

Above all, by having better control over the production line and faster response, this standard allows companies to accelerate the marketing of their products. A fact not to neglect to face the competition and meet the demand of consumers.

Our service

At RES Automatisation Contrôle, we support companies in improving their performance and that is why we regularly put forward the PackML method, which has become an industry standard after several years of development.

Our experts are trained to offer you the best solutions for your business. If you want to speed up your production line and simplify its operation, contact our team. We will explain exactly what  the process and benefits of PackML integration for your situation.