Servo-motor Integration

To maximize the efficiency of your operations, the integration of positioning systems with servo motors to production lines is a very advantageous solution.

The latest positioning technologies allow us to quickly and consistently achieve high return on investment.

Positioning systems formerly reserved for numerical controls and machining applications are now available in all stages of manufacturing, assembling or handling your products.


Servo systems are used in several industrial applications for positioning or control:

Cable, wires, profiles, tube;


Rotary table or conveyor, labeling machine;

Pressure monitoring;


Configuration Adjustment Screws (SMED);

Major Supported Manufacturers

  • Rockwell Automation : Kinetix 350, 5500, 6500, Ultra, GML …;
  • SEW Eurodrive : MOVIAxis …;
  • Baldor : NextMove …;
  • Trio Motion : MC, EURO, Motion Perfect…;
  • Schneider Lexium;
  • Yaskawa Sigma;
  • …and more.

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