Robotic cells

The integration of a robotic cell within a company increases its level of productivity and competitiveness.


Why integrate robotic cells in production:

Robots work quickly and perform repetitive tasks without stopping under any conditions;

Robots are increasingly profitable;

New technologies such as vision systems, pre-programmed sequences stored in memory, intuitive programming etc. Increase the versatility of the implanted solutions;

The new generation of robots are increasingly reliable and their integration is done safely.


  • Transfer (pick and place): Recognition of parts and products;
  • Delta: High-speed food canning;
  • Palletiser / depalletizer: Handling of crate, bag;
  • Boxing: Canning of parts or products;
  • Grinding / Deburring: Remove excess metal;
  • Welding: Arc welding, positioning table;
  • Robot Cell Security: Integrating Security into Existing Robot Cells
  • Cobot: Integrating collaborative robots into the work environment;
  • Press Tending: Precision and tolerance in the press rooms.

Integrator of the Motoman MLX100 solution, MLX200 and MLX300 Unified Controls / Robot programming in the ControlLogix environment and CompactLogix



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