Industrial program

Companies must constantly adapt to new markets, new products and new productivity challenges. Production lines needs to be more flexible and versatile.

The integration of PLCs with production equipment allows flexibility and versatility. In recent years a large amount of automaton has been introduced on the market. PLCs are offered by several manufacturers in several countries.

RES Automation Control is a recognized integrator in industrial automation that support most of the model.


Why retain the services of RES Automation Control as automation integrator:

because of the many achievements and years of experience, we are able to find the best solutions even the most complex;

our expertise allows us to achieve higher levels of performance and use advanced features of processors;

with our team of several programmers and our many software we can serve several PLC platforms, from the most recent to the oldest (Allen Bradley PLC5, SLC500, ControlLogix, Siemens S5, S7, GEFanuc 90-30, Omron C200 etc.).

our experience allows us to achieve higher levels of performance and utilize equipment to their full potential;

Ours services

  • Integration of new PLCs : selection, set up of new programmable logic controller (PLC), program;
  • Optimization of existing PLCs  : Add new functionalities to existing equipment to make new products, to increase productivity;
  • Networking : Networking with servers or other controllers;
  • Upgrade : obsolete PLCs that need to be replaced by newer ones;
  • Pack ML : allow consistency between equipment and operators in your factory;

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