Industrial Vision

RES Automation Control is a recognized integrator for machine vision systems.


Why integrate a vision system with a recognized integrator:

Due to the numerous applications in function we are able to find the best solutions even the most complex;

Before investing significant costs in the application we can simulate your application and see the expected results;

Integration takes place much more quickly with experienced people;

Our experience allows us to achieve higher levels of performance and to exploit the equipment to the maximum;

Our machine vision systems

  • Cap inspection: Marking center, print quality, defects, marks, presence of security seal;
  • Safety seal: Presence or absence, rupture;
  • Bottle: Shape, color, size, defects;
  • Cane: High or low side detection, deformation;
  • Contents: Color (product recognition), level of filling;
  • Label: Presence or absence, position, print quality;
  • Thermography: Heating uniformity, continuous linear inspection;
  • Traceability: Reading and validation of the bar code, matrix code, lot number, date;
  • Robotics: Robot positioning;
  • Data Acquisition: Automated Non-Compliance Statistics and Reports

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