RES Automation Control has been assembling control panels since 1990.

Types of control panels

  • Customized control panel
  • PLC Panel
  • Motor starter
  • Speed variator panel
  • Conveyor line panel
  • Operator Interface
  • Modular panel
  • OEM panel, in series
  • Pumping station panel, telemetry
  • Machine security panel
  • Operator Interface
  • Operator Station, Button
  • Junction box

The quality of the product control panels is based

  • Experience of our staff: Our panels are assembled by a team of qualified and experienced technicians with many years of experience;
  • Tools: Our factory is fully equipped; Automatic seamers, automatic seamers, steel and stainless steel dowel sealer, marking system (of terminals, wires, parts), rail cutter, control panel handling equipment with a capacity of 4000lbs, loading dock;
  • Supply networks: Our unique procurement system is efficient, fast and competitive;
  • Quality procedures: Our quality procedures ensure that assembly and testing meets the specifications requested;
  • Certification: The control panels assembled at our factory are certified for North America by UL.

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