Variable Frequency Drive Integration

Variable frequency drives have become a must in many industrial applications for motor control:

  • Coil winder: Speed control, tension control;
  • Process control loop open, closed;
  • Variable constant torque control;
  • Control of pumps flow, water hammer;
  • Control of ventilators;
  • Integrated security machinery;
  • Integration of industrial networks: Ethernet / IP, Modbus;
  • Handling;
  • Load sharing;
  • Conveyor system;
  • Speed control;

Major Supported Manufacturers

PowerFlex525, 4, 4M, 40, 70 …;

ACS …;

Unidrive M, Unidrive SP …;

Movitrac, Movidrive, Movimot …;

JX, MX2, RX, DV, G5 …;

Altivar …;


Take advantage of the many advantages of using next generation speed controllers:

  • Network application;
  • Energy saving;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • Digital control;
  • Application flexibility;
  • Simplified use;

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