Collaborative robot cells

The integration of collaborative robots in manufacturing industries allows for safe collaboration with humans. They are suitable for a variety of tasks.


Collaborative robots offer many benefits to manufacturing industries, such as:

Improvement of productivity;

Ease of programming;

Optimization of space and ergonomics.


  • Manipulation: Loading and unloading of machines;
  • Palletiser / depalletizer: Handling of crate, bag;
  • Boxing: Canning of parts or products;
  • Welding: Arc welding;
  • Screwing: Perform screwing operations;
  • Gluing: Perform gluing operations;

RES Automatisation Contrôle supports you in your collaborative robot integration project by offering tailor-made solutions, adapted to your needs and budget. We offer you a turnkey service, including the analysis of your needs, design, programming, installation, training, and after-sales service Contact us today to benefit from recognized expertise and personalized support.

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