What is Industry 4.0?

ndustry 4.0 is the fourth and most recent industrial revolution as a result of mechanization, factory electrification, assembly line automation and the globalization of production processes.


You take care of the production, RES Automation Control ensures to optimize it in the digital age 4.0. Based on your needs, our team of experts will organize your means of production to make your business competitive and prosperous.

Among the technologies integrated by our experts, we find:

In summary, Industry 4.0 is the intelligent digital technologies integration into its industrial operations. Thus, companies are able to:

  • Increase their productivity;
  • React faster and easier to industrial changes;
  • Reduce manufacturing costs;
  • Improve the quality of products;
  • Customize their customer service.


This new era enhances the company’s day-to-day operations, but also makes them more agile, flexible and responsive to customer needs. Thus, the company is able to react quickly to changes in the market! These are not only radical changes to existing systems and processes, but also to management methods and business models. Digital in business is a strategy in itself. tion stratégie en soi.


Here are the main challenges of the new industrial era:

1. Know precisely the needs of your customers

What aspects do your customers really want to buy your products and how could you increase their qualities and values?

2. Master the new skills required

How to manage data, data security, human-machine interaction, user interface, software, programming and data analysis?

3. Plan strategically

How to improve production and the technologies used?

4. Retain employees

How will your strategic planning involve your employees? How to present them the new vision that the company wants to implement? What will be the impact of this new technology on their work?

5. Slowly but surely…

What pilot project could the company do to gain confidence in this new technological era? What returns are generated? What is the real value of the pilot project?


According to the Business Development Bank of Canada’s “Industry 4.0: New Industrial Revolution” survey, “the companies that invest the most benefit from better growth prospects, are more able to implement digital technologies and are better prepared for the future.” adoption of new technologies. “

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