For several years now, industrial robotics has been gaining credibility across the world. Yet Quebec is still far from being able to compete with countries such as the industrial superpower that is China. Even so, robotics remains an important driver for Quebec’s economic recovery. And the Quebec government is on to this fact, which is why it is now prepared to loosen the purse strings of the state to help business owners focus on innovations… such as robotics and automation.
While many Quebec manufacturing companies have already adopted robotics and automation technologies, a CATA survey shows that one of the main obstacles to this integration in Quebec factories remains, i.e., funding. Very often, the total required investment goes beyond the cost of acquiring the robot. The Quebec government has rapidly understood this and continues to see these technologies as an undeniable asset for the province’s economy.

An important economic driver 

All of this explains why, in 2018, the Government of Quebec injected $825 million through Investissement Québec to further encourage businesses in the province to make the shift to robotics and automation. While the pandemic was sorely testing the entire manufacturing industry, the Quebec government took the opportunity to open the coffers of the state in order to help boost the recovery and productivity of this very promising sector for the province. 

Indeed, this past March, Quebec’s Minister of Finance, Eric Girard, announced the introduction of a new tax credit to allow the manufacturing sector to modernize its fleet of machinery. This new version of the traditional tax credit, entitled C3i, now offers Quebec manufacturing companies a 10%, 15% or even 20% reduction in their expenses associated with acquiring manufacturing and processing equipment—thereby greatly facilitating access to robotics and automation.

Opportunity for 2021: The 2021 provincial budget improves on this credit by temporarily doubling the rate to 40% for certain acquisitions made after March 25, 2021.  


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