The mandate

RES Automatisation et contrôle was mandated to implement a solution to modernize information gathering and data archiving for a manufacturer with several hundred pipe models and plumbing connectors to inspect.

The challenge was both to optimize the process of controlling measures, considering the variety of raw materials, the diversity of the parts to be inspected and the multiplicity of dimensions, while extending the inspection process to several workplaces.

The solution

RES Automatisation et contrôle has developed a “custom” data collection and data archiving software that is scalable and allows to list the characteristics of all the parts manufactured by the company. The data are input “manually”, semi-automatically by electronic verniers or directly from the production lines, which can be quickly and easily archived and consulted as required.

The results

  • Productivity data digitization
  • Improved capacity to share information
  • Reduction of errors (creation of lists, automatic calculations, etc.)
  • Report Generation

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