If you wish to make your equipment conform to a CNESST inspection, at the request of your SST or a recommendation from your health and safety committee or an employee. We can help you achieve your goals.

Our interventions

Implementation of security strategy for production processes;

Inspection of machines using a simple and effective approach and recognized by an engineer member of the order of engineers;

Follow-up of the implantation and approval by qualified and specialized engineers. Assessment according to CSA Z431 and Sil, identify categories, EN / ISO 13849-1, EN / IEC 62061, Sistema.

Measure distances to allow safe integration;

Design, manufacture and installation of custom barriers, guards or fences;

Modification of existing control systems, safety relays, bi-manual control, zero speed, Enabling Switch;

Installation and integration of safety switches, interlock switches, curtains, safety mats, encoded magnets, etc .;

Installation and integration of keys for chains, valves, solenoid, transfer keys;

Accompaniment to allow special approval of non-CSA or cUL or other approved equipment by auditors recognized in accordance with SPE-1000-09 (in accordance with the Building Code and the Canadian Electrical Code);

Equipment to be secured

  • Custom automated production line
  • Conveyor line
  • Robotic Cell
  • Wrapping machine
  • Hydraulic press
  • Machine tool

Controller Integration and Security Networks

Integration and programming of industrial safety PLCs or programmable safety relays Rockwell Automation GuardLogix, SmartGuard, GuardPLC, Sick FlexiSoft, Omron Sti NE1A, G9SP and many others for machine protection. Integration of Guard I / O, AS-i Safe, etc.

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